KONG Classic Review

The KONG classic is a red snowman-shaped toy consisting of three overlapped balls. It is made with KONG’s natural rubber. This variety of KONG is very durable and can be enjoyed by dogs of all ages. It comes in sizes extra small through extra-extra large to accommodate a wide range of breeds.

Although the KONG classic is designed to be very safe, it is still important to supervise your dog as with any other toy. KONG recommends that you should only provide to your pets the size suitable for the largest dog present to avoid the toy from becoming a choking hazard.

There are multiple benefits to the KONG classic, including helping clean your dog’s teeth, challenging them intellectually, and soothing separation anxiety and other behavioral issues. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety symptoms such as whining and barking excessively, destructive behaviors or urinating and defecating, the KONG can help. A great benefit is that you can stuff the KONG with treats before freezing it, giving your dog something to do while you’re gone to work or any other time your dog must be alone.

Filling your KONG toy with treats is really easy. There’s a small hole on the top of the toy and a larger opening on the bottom. You can put anything from your dog’s regular kibble to peanut butter to a new mix into the toy. If you put something like oatmeal and canned dog food into it, you can freeze it, and your dog will be occupied for hours. One idea for filling the toy is a combination of oatmeal, peanut butter, and non-fat plain yogurt. Almost ANY dog will love this mixture. You can stuff the toy with the mixture and freeze it to keep your pooch busy for hours. KONG recommends that you always leave an “easy grab” sticking out the bottom of the toy, like a biscuit that’s only partially inserted. This will entice your dog to work for more yummy treats.

The classic KONG is really great because of how versatile it is. Since it comes in multiple sizes and can be used for all ages, this is a toy your dog can keep enjoying for years.

The price of the KONG classic typically runs from around six dollars for an extra small size to twenty-two dollars for an extra-large. This is a great price for what the toy offers and how long it will last. It’s usually more expensive in pet stores, so your best bet would be to purchase it online from a website like Amazon.

You can’t go wrong with the KONG classic. It has stood the test of time, and it a fantastic toy for dogs of all sizes and ages.