Top 5 Snake Enclosures: Ultimate Housing Guide for Your Pet Snake

Top 5 Snake Enclosures: The well-being of a snake, like any pet, is directly related to the quality of its habitat. As snake owners or prospective snake owners, it’s crucial to provide a housing solution that meets the unique needs of these fascinating creatures. A snake’s housing impacts its health, lifespan, and overall happiness. It’s more than just a space – it’s a microcosm of the snake’s natural environment.

Whether you’re new to the world of snake care or a seasoned herpetologist, you’re likely aware that not all snake housings are created equal. With so many options on the market, it can be daunting to determine which one is the best fit for your slithering friend. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 snake housings, to guide you towards a choice that guarantees the comfort and longevity of your pet. In the following sections, we’ll dive into the specifics of each housing option, providing you with all the necessary details to make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

What to Consider When Choosing Snake Housing

Choosing the right housing for your snake is a task that involves careful consideration of several factors. Here are some key points to keep in mind while selecting the best home for your reptile companion:

Size of the Snake

The size of the snake is a primary determinant in choosing the appropriate housing. Snakes need enough space to move around comfortably and to exhibit natural behaviors. As a general rule, the length of the enclosure should at least match the length of your snake. However, larger snakes may require more spacious habitats to ensure they can stretch and move freely. Remember that snakes grow, so consider your pet’s future size, especially if you have a young snake.

Snake’s Natural Habitat and Temperature Needs

Snakes come from various habitats in the wild, each with its unique climate and environmental features. It’s essential to mimic these conditions as closely as possible in their enclosure. Some snakes thrive in humid environments, while others prefer drier conditions. Similarly, temperature needs can vary significantly from species to species. Research your specific type of snake and make sure the housing you choose can accommodate the right temperature and humidity levels.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining a clean environment is vital for your snake’s health. Enclosures should be easy to clean and disinfect regularly to prevent the buildup of waste and harmful bacteria. Additionally, consider how easy it is to access water dishes, hide boxes, and other fixtures within the enclosure for cleaning or replacement. An enclosure with a removable bottom or large doors can make this task simpler and more efficient.

Remember, the goal is to create a comfortable, healthy living space for your snake that also allows for easy and efficient care routines for you as the owner. With these factors in mind, you’re well on your way to making a well-informed decision.

Review of Top 5 Snake Housings

Overview of the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Kit

The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Kit is a high-quality, well-constructed enclosure that is designed specifically for housing reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. This kit is an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced reptile owners due to its many thoughtful features.

The terrarium is made of sturdy, all-glass material that offers a clear and unobstructed view of your pet. It comes with a specially designed top, which allows for ample ventilation and easy access for maintenance and feeding.

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Kit

One of the most notable features of this kit is its dual doors at the front. These doors allow easy access for feeding and maintenance while reducing the risk of escape. They also minimize stress on the animals because they can’t see outside through the doors.

The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Kit comes in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of reptile species. It is also designed with a waterproof bottom, making it ideal for creating a humid environment that many reptiles thrive in. The bottom is also raised to accommodate a substrate heater if needed.

Pros and Cons of the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Kit


  • Quality Construction: The glass is durable and provides a clear view of the inhabitants.
  • Front Opening Doors: These make it easy to feed your pet or clean the enclosure without causing stress.
  • Good Ventilation: The top of the terrarium is screen-covered to ensure ample air circulation.
  • Various Sizes Available: You can choose the right size depending on the size and number of your pets.
  • Waterproof Base: Ideal for creating a humid environment.


  • Price: The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Kit can be expensive compared to other options.
  • Weight: Being glass, the terrarium is relatively heavy, making it harder to move.
  • Heating and Lighting Accessories Not Included: Though it’s sold as a kit, you’ll still need to buy these separately, adding to the overall cost.
  • Not Suitable for Large or Heavy Snakes: Larger or heavier snakes may require a more robust terrarium.

Which Types of Snakes is the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Kit best for?

The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Kit is suitable for a variety of smaller snake species due to its various sizes and secure design. It can comfortably house:

  • Corn Snakes: They thrive in such environments due to their size and the terrarium’s ability to maintain humidity.
  • Ball Pythons: They are relatively small in size, and the glass terrarium provides the heat and humidity they require.
  • Milk Snakes: Known for their vibrant colors, they can thrive in the Exo Terra terrarium, which is capable of maintaining a controlled environment.
  • King Snakes: Similar to Milk Snakes, they are small and do well in this type of terrarium.
  • Garter Snakes: These active snakes benefit from the ample space and secure enclosure.

Remember, when choosing a terrarium, it’s crucial to consider the specific requirements of your snake species, including size, temperature, humidity, and hiding needs. Always ensure the terrarium is large enough for your snake to move around comfortably, with places to hide and suitable heating and lighting.

Overview of the REPTI ZOO Large Reptile Terrarium

The REPTI ZOO Large Reptile Terrarium is a premium and spacious enclosure designed to provide an ideal habitat for a variety of reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and amphibians. It stands out due to its size, quality, and easy-to-customize features.

This terrarium is made of high-strength glass, which allows you to clearly observe your pet while ensuring the enclosure is robust and durable. It features front opening doors for easy cleaning, feeding, and decorating.

REPTI ZOO Large Reptile Terrarium

An essential feature is its raised bottom, which can hold a substrate layer and makes it possible to install a substrate heater if required. The screen top provides ample ventilation and includes inlets for wires and tubing.

The REPTI ZOO Large Reptile Terrarium can also be stacked, which is a valuable feature for hobbyists or breeders who have multiple reptiles and limited space.

Pros and Cons of the REPTI ZOO Large Reptile Terrarium


  1. Spacious: The large size gives your pet plenty of room to move around.
  2. Quality Construction: The glass design is durable and offers excellent visibility.
  3. Front Opening Doors: These allow easy access for maintenance and feeding while minimizing escape risk.
  4. Stackable Design: Useful for those with multiple reptiles and limited space.
  5. Raised Bottom Frame: This feature is great for heat mat placement or accommodating a deep substrate layer.


  1. Price: The REPTI ZOO Large Reptile Terrarium is pricier than many other options due to its size and features.
  2. Weight: The large size and glass construction mean this terrarium is heavy and not easy to move.
  3. Assembly Required: Some users have found that setting up the terrarium can be a bit challenging.
  4. Accessories Not Included: You’ll need to purchase lighting, heating, and decoration separately.

Which Types of Snakes is the REPTI ZOO Large Reptile Terrarium best for?

The REPTI ZOO Large Reptile Terrarium is suitable for a wide range of snake species, particularly those that require more space. The following types of snakes could comfortably inhabit this terrarium:

  1. Boa Constrictors: Given their size, boas need more space, and this terrarium can provide that.
  2. Python Species: Ball pythons, carpet pythons, and other smaller python species would do well in this environment.
  3. Corn Snakes: While they can also thrive in smaller terrariums, a larger space allows for more enrichment and exercise.
  4. Milk Snakes and King Snakes: Both of these species would benefit from the space that this terrarium provides.

Remember that even within these species, the individual size of the snake matters, and a larger snake will require more space. Always consider the specific needs of your pet when choosing a terrarium. The terrarium should also be equipped with the right heating, lighting, and hiding places to mimic the snake’s natural habitat as closely as possible.

Overview of the Prolee Reptile Terrarium Tank Up to 68 Gallons

The Prolee Reptile Terrarium Tank is a large, spacious enclosure suitable for housing a variety of reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and other amphibians. With a capacity of up to 68 gallons, it provides plenty of room for your pet to explore and move about comfortably.

This terrarium is made of high-quality, sturdy glass with a metal screen top, ensuring excellent visibility while providing your pets with an appropriate level of ventilation. The metal top is also suitable for use with various types of heating and UVB lamps, vital for your reptile’s well-being.

Prolee Reptile Terrarium Tank Up to 68 Gallon

A standout feature of the Prolee Reptile Terrarium is its sliding doors, which allow for easy access for maintenance, feeding, and decorating. Additionally, the terrarium comes with a specially designed lock to prevent your pets from escaping.

The terrarium has a raised waterproof base, which is perfect for creating a water feature or a more humid environment, if necessary. This base can also accommodate a substrate heater.

Pros and Cons of the Prolee Reptile Terrarium Tank Up to 68 Gallons


  1. Large Capacity: The 68-gallon capacity offers plenty of room for your reptile to explore.
  2. Quality Construction: The glass design is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Sliding Doors and Lock: These provide easy access and prevent escapes.
  4. Ventilation: The mesh top ensures good air circulation.
  5. Suitable for Heating and UVB Lamps: The mesh top can accommodate different types of lamps, crucial for maintaining a healthy environment.


  1. Price: Given its size and features, the Prolee Reptile Terrarium can be on the expensive side.
  2. Weight: This large, glass terrarium is heavy and can be challenging to move around.
  3. Setup: Some assembly may be required, and setup might be complicated for some users.
  4. Additional Equipment Required: You’ll need to purchase additional accessories like heating, lighting, and decorations separately.

Which Types of Snakes is the Prolee Reptile Terrarium Tank Up to 68 Gallon best for?

Due to its size, the Prolee Reptile Terrarium is suitable for a variety of snake species, including larger ones. Ideal inhabitants might include:

  1. Boa Constrictors: Their large size requires a spacious enclosure like this one.
  2. Python Species: Larger species such as Ball Pythons and Carpet Pythons would do well in this space.
  3. Corn Snakes: Adult Corn Snakes would have plenty of space in this terrarium.
  4. King Snakes and Milk Snakes: These species would also benefit from the spacious nature of this terrarium.

Remember that every snake is different, and individual care requirements can vary, so it’s always crucial to research the specific needs of your pet before choosing a terrarium.

Overview of the PVC Reptile Enclosure 120 Gallon Large Terrarium

The PVC Reptile Enclosure 120 Gallon Large Terrarium is an impressively sized, high-quality housing option for reptiles. It offers ample space for larger reptiles or for creating an enriched environment for smaller species.

Constructed with PVC material, this enclosure is both lightweight and durable. The material also provides excellent insulation, making it easier to control and maintain the internal temperature and humidity levels, both critical factors for reptile health.

PVC Reptile Enclosure 120 Gallon Large Terrarium

The enclosure comes with front sliding glass doors for easy access, maintenance, and feeding. The doors also feature a lock to prevent escapes. Ventilation is secured through multiple vents that also help control humidity.

One significant feature of the PVC Reptile Enclosure is its flexibility. It is easy to install and accommodate different types of heating, lighting, and humidity systems.

Pros and Cons PVC Reptile Enclosure 120 Gallon Large Terrarium


  1. Large Capacity: With a 120-gallon capacity, this terrarium offers ample space for your reptile to move around.
  2. Durability and Insulation: PVC is both durable and provides excellent insulation, making temperature and humidity control easier.
  3. Front Sliding Doors with Lock: These features allow easy access while minimizing the risk of escape.
  4. Lightweight: Despite its size, PVC is lighter than glass, making the enclosure easier to move.
  5. Easy to Customize: The design of the enclosure makes it easy to install and adjust heating, lighting, and humidity systems.


  1. Price: Given its size and features, this PVC terrarium can be quite expensive.
  2. Aesthetics: While functional, some owners may prefer the look of glass terrariums.
  3. Ventilation: While the enclosure does have vents, they may not provide as much ventilation as mesh tops.
  4. Setup: Due to its size, the enclosure may require assembly, which could be challenging for some.

Which Types of Snakes is the PVC Reptile Enclosure 120 Gallon Large Terrarium best for?

Given its significant size, the PVC Reptile Enclosure 120 Gallon Large Terrarium is ideal for larger snakes or those that appreciate a bit more room to roam. These can include:

  1. Boa Constrictors: These large snakes require ample space, making this 120-gallon enclosure a good fit.
  2. Python Species: Larger python species, such as Burmese Pythons, would appreciate the spaciousness of this terrarium.
  3. Reticulated Pythons: Known for their size, these pythons need plenty of space, which this terrarium can provide.
  4. Adult Corn Snakes: While younger or smaller corn snakes might find this enclosure too large, adult corn snakes could benefit from the extra space.

It’s important to remember that while size is a significant factor in selecting an enclosure, other elements like temperature, humidity, and hide spaces also need to be appropriately managed for your pet’s health and well-being.

Overview of the Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Screen Cage

The Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Screen Cage is a unique and versatile enclosure designed to provide an ideal habitat for a variety of reptiles, particularly those that benefit from significant ventilation and vertical space.

This cage is constructed of corrosion-resistant black anodized aluminum with a screen mesh, ensuring durability while also providing ample ventilation and an unrestricted view of your pet. The screen mesh allows for UVB and infrared penetration, which can be beneficial for your pet’s health.

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Screen Cage

The ReptiBreeze Cage has a large front door that offers easy access for maintenance, feeding, and decorating. There’s also a bottom door that allows easy removal of substrate or bedding. The cage can be assembled or disassembled easily, which can be handy for transport or storage.

Pros and Cons of the Open Air Screen Cage


  1. Ample Ventilation: The screen cage design ensures excellent airflow.
  2. UVB and Infrared Penetration: The screen allows necessary UVB and heat to penetrate the enclosure.
  3. Easy Access: Large front door and a bottom door for easy maintenance and substrate removal.
  4. Easy Assembly: The cage can be easily assembled or disassembled.


  1. Heat and Humidity Control: Because of its open design, maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level can be challenging.
  2. Durability: While the screen is robust, it may not hold up to heavy use as well as a glass or PVC enclosure might.
  3. Escape Risk: The mesh design, while beneficial for ventilation, can provide more opportunities for escape for smaller or skilled climbing reptiles.
  4. Aesthetics: Some people prefer the solid look of glass or PVC over a screen cage.

Which Types of Snakes is the Open Air Screen Cage best for?

The Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Screen Cage is typically better suited for reptiles that require high ventilation and like to climb, such as chameleons and anoles. However, it can also be adapted for certain types of snakes, particularly arboreal species that enjoy climbing, including:

  1. Green Tree Pythons: These pythons are arboreal and would benefit from the vertical space that this cage provides.
  2. Carpet Pythons: These pythons also enjoy climbing and can benefit from a taller enclosure.
  3. Amazon Tree Boas: Known for their arboreal habits, these boas can also do well in this enclosure.

Always remember to consider the specific needs of your pet when choosing an enclosure. For arboreal snakes, a tall enclosure with climbing branches is essential. For ground-dwelling snakes, a wide enclosure with plenty of floor space and hiding spots is more appropriate. In all cases, maintaining the correct temperature and humidity levels is critical for your snake’s health.

Comparison of the Top 5 Snake Housings

HousingMaterialPriceDurabilitySuitabilityExtra Features
Exo Terra Glass TerrariumGlass$$HighSmall to medium-sized snakesDual front doors, patented front window ventilation, waterproof base
REPTI ZOO Large Reptile TerrariumGlass$$$HighMost snake species, from small to largeFront opening doors, stackable design, raised bottom frame
Prolee Reptile Terrarium 68 GallonGlass$$$HighMedium to large-sized snakesSliding doors with lock, suitable for heating and UVB lamps, raised waterproof base
PVC Reptile Enclosure 120 GallonPVC$$$$Very HighLarge snakes or multiple smaller snakesFront sliding doors with lock, easy to customize, great insulation
Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air CageAluminum Screen$$MediumArboreal snakesGreat ventilation, UVB and infrared penetration, easy assembly

Here are some factors to consider for your next snake enclosure:

Price: The most affordable options are the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium and the Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Cage. The PVC Reptile Enclosure 120 Gallon Large Terrarium is the most expensive, but it also offers the largest capacity and high durability.

Durability: Glass and PVC terrariums like the Exo Terra, REPTI ZOO, Prolee, and the PVC Enclosure are highly durable. The aluminum screen cage by Zoo Med is somewhat less durable.

Suitability: The Exo Terra is suitable for smaller to medium-sized snakes. The REPTI ZOO and Prolee Terrariums can house most snake species, while the PVC Enclosure is ideal for larger snakes. The Zoo Med Screen Cage is best for arboreal species that enjoy climbing.

Extra Features: Each enclosure offers unique features. For instance, Exo Terra has patented front window ventilation, REPTI ZOO is stackable, Prolee has a raised waterproof base, PVC Enclosure is easy to customize, and Zoo Med Screen Cage offers great ventilation and UVB penetration.

When choosing an enclosure, consider your snake’s specific needs (including size, climbing tendencies, heat and humidity requirements), the enclosure’s durability and price, and the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Always prioritize your snake’s health and safety in any decision you make.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations for Snake Enclosures

Recapping the options, we have explored a variety of snake enclosures, each with unique features and benefits:

  • Exo Terra Glass Terrarium: A well-rounded option that offers durability, a solid aesthetic, and numerous features beneficial to both snakes and their caretakers.
  • REPTI ZOO Large Reptile Terrarium: This large, glass terrarium can cater to most snake species. Its stackable design makes it a good option for hobbyists with multiple reptiles.
  • Prolee Reptile Terrarium 68 Gallon: A great option for medium to large-sized snakes, with user-friendly features such as sliding doors with a lock and compatibility with various heating and UVB lamps.
  • PVC Reptile Enclosure 120 Gallon Large Terrarium: With the highest capacity and robust construction, this is a top-tier option for large snakes or multiple smaller snakes.
  • Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Cage: This screen cage is a unique choice suitable for arboreal snake species, offering excellent ventilation and UVB penetration.

For beginner snake owners, the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is a solid choice due to its manageable size, durability, and ease of use. Its front-opening design makes maintenance simple and less stressful for both the snake and the owner.

If you’re on a budget, the Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Cage is an affordable option. Remember, it’s best suited for arboreal species and may require more effort to maintain temperature and humidity levels.

For those housing large snakes, the PVC Reptile Enclosure 120 Gallon Large Terrarium is recommended. The spacious environment it provides is ideal for larger species. Its PVC construction offers durability and excellent insulation.

Top 5 Snake Enclosures Conclusion

Choosing the right housing for your snake is one of the most critical factors in ensuring their health, well-being, and longevity. An appropriate enclosure should provide ample space, maintain the right temperature and humidity, and offer a secure environment that mimics your snake’s natural habitat.

Remember, each snake species has specific needs. Research your snake’s specific needs thoroughly and choose an enclosure that caters to those needs. The size, material, design, and features of the enclosure should all be considered carefully.

I encourage you to make an informed decision, taking into account not only the cost and aesthetics but also, most importantly, the suitability of the enclosure for your particular snake. Caring for a snake is a significant commitment, and the right housing is the foundation for a happy and healthy pet. Please also take a look at our other article that goes over the Top 11 items your should have for your new snake!