Everything You Need to Know About Pets and CBD Oil

We’ve all heard about people using CBD to improve their lives, but what about their pets? Could CBD provide pets with relief from certain conditions? Many scientists believe so. As most people treat pets like a part of the family, their health is just as important to their owners as other family members. If there is a new treatment available that can help people’s pets, most pet owners will be willing to try it, and that is why so many people have become interested in CBD as of late. Early research has shown that CBD supplements may help pets with issues such as anxiety, pain, and nausea, along with many other health issues.

What is CBD and How Does It Work?

But what exactly is CBD? Many people think cannabidiol is the same thing as cannabis, but this is incorrect. The psychoactive high brought on by THC, the active ingredient of recreational marijuana is the most obvious difference between THC and CBD. CBD is related to cannabis but there are many different plant sources of CBD with hemp and cannabis being the most prominent ones. Unlike cannabis and THC there is no psychoactive high associated with CBD, so you don’t have to worry about any uncomfortable effects on your pets. It is believed to be impossible for pets to fatally overdose on CBD, as it has no toxicity level. CBD itself does not actually provide the relief. Instead, it supplements and balances the endocannabinoid system which may improve health conditions by promoting homeostasis. Humans and animals have many naturally occurring cannabinoids, but they can also interact with plant sources of CBD.

Administration and Dosage

The methods used for administering CBD might be different for pets than it is for people. CBD is generally administered to people using sublingual, oral, topical and inhalation methods. Pets are usually given CBD using oral and sublingual methods. Simply take your CBD oil, making sure you have the correct dosage in the dropper, and gently administer the drops into your pet’s mouth. This method works better with dogs than cats, as dogs are larger and therefore need a higher dosage of CBD. If this method doesn’t work for you or your pet, try mixing the CBD oil into your pet’s favorite food. A convenient method for administering pets with CBD is with CBD pet treats. Dog biscuits and treats for cats are infused with small amounts of CBD for ease of use. Simply feed your pet the treats, ensuring that you only provide them with the lowest effective dose. Each drop of oil will generally contain .5mg of cannabinol, and pets usually need about .25 mg per lb. Larger pets or pets with more serious conditions may require higher dosages for the proper effect. If these equations seem complicated, your local veterinarian can help you measure and administer the correct amount of CBD to your pets.

CBD Oil dosage chart

Why Should You Give CBD to Your Pets?

Recent studies have shown that CBD may help with many conditions such as anxiety, seizures, headaches, and joint pain, along with many more. The effects are oftentimes compared to aspirin or ibuprofen by users. If you are looking for an effective alternative to pharmaceuticals, you should look into the uses of CBD. As most of us care about our pets very much and prioritize them in our lives, it is important to examine all the potential tools available to improve their health.

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